Relevatorshow: Rex Brown´s “Smoke on This” Bash review

Nashvillle Bash Review by
July 21, 2017

Many may know Rex Brown for his thunderous bass lines with the heavy metal icons Pantera and Down. “Smoke on This” is the debut album by Rex Brown due out July 28th. The video for the first single “Train Song” is a small lead into what Rex Brown has been working on. Forging a new musical identity that he himself said took two years to craft.

Rex is now taking on a new endeavor to his already vast musical catalog. Rex Brown the front-man, the singer, the guitarist. Yeah, you read that correctly.

The private concert I was lucky enough to attend and photograph was Rex Brown playing the Smoke on This album in its entirety for the first time in front of a packed crowd at the iconic Mercy Loungein Nashville.

If Rex had any anxiety or nerves about this performance it did not show at all. Rex said”We are going to play this whole mother fucker for you all”


The Smoke on This album is full of enormous groovy riffs; the dirty grinding sound of Rex on guitar was brought forward as the lead song Lone Rider reaches in and grabs you by the chest. This album live is not short of massive hooks and bluesy tones.  Rex Brown delivered this album flawlessly both vocally and on guitar. Rex Brown looked intently into the crowd, imploring them to jam out with him to this album.  He was charismatic on stage,as he shredded into the album. A few personal favorites on mine are “Buried Alive” and “Get Yourself Alright”

The Smoke on This Album offers some genuine and sincere moments like the song “Fault Line” and the sinister unforgiving sound of “What Comes Around” Yeah, it really does and when it does you’re fucked.

Rex Brown has reformed himself as a musician. The vision of this album is gritty, diverse, bold, compelling and acute. It’s a press play and let it go album. Take a drive and turn it up with the windows down album.

Smoke on This live and in person is nearly untouchable, Rex Brown created the pulse of rock music with a current coil towards the future. Have a drink, bum a smoke Rex Brown’s debut solo album. Smoke On This is a culmination, a collection of songs worth their salt, Fiery, expressive and rich with nuance.