˝Smoke On This˝ Is One Of Loudwire´s 25 best Hard Rock Albums Of 2017

November 28, 2017

2017 is winding down and we’ve had quite the year in hard rock. There are the bands you expect to see and there’s also a batch of newer bands that are knocking down the door and demanding their seat at the table.

Rex Brown, ‘Smoke on This’

After toiling in several post-Pantera projects, Rex Brown stepped up to the mic (and guitar) and delivered a stellar solo debut. While ‘Smoke on This’ may not be reminiscent of Pantera, the musician does cop the attitude of that band while delivering a bluesy, rock-leaning gem. Highlights include the Zeppelin-esque “Crossing Lines,” the sludgy “Buried Alive” and the more psychedelic “Get Yourself Alright.”. Brown’s ‘Smoke on This’ feels just as at home on a gin joint jukebox as it would ripping through your headphones.