Plenty of folks who have accomplished a lot less are fine to rest on past achievements. But Rex Brown is forever charging forward. His boots are planted on the foundation of his storied past, while both eyes maintain a steely and steadfast gaze upon the horizon.

A truth-telling everyman with an easygoing spirt, Rex spins tales of triumph, failure, and woe with emotional vulnerability and undeniable resilience. Rex Brown’s music is the sound of his own truth, forthright and ego-free. His is a natural charisma. As he’s fond of saying himself: “You’re only as good as your word and your word better be good.”

With his status as a heavy metal icon firmly cemented by his rich legacy as bassist for Pantera, Brown summoned forth a new side to his musical pedigree as a guitar-wielding, no-nonsense frontman with Smoke On This…, his bluesy, diverse, classic rock worshipping solo debut. And now, he’s working on an even more electrifying and confident follow-up…


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